Door Systems and Misted/Condensation Double Glazed Glass Repair

Is Your Door Not Closing Properly, Misted Windows

Here at Force 8, we are able to repair your front or back door, either PVCu or composite. It could be just a simple locking system that needs replacing or up-dating, adjustment to the hinges to re-aline the door for easy closing. It could be aesthetic, such as the replacement of some of the exterior hardware if its become pitted over time. Force 8 manufacture their doors in-house, so have all the expertise to carry out any repairs needed on either a composite or PVCu door.

It does not necessarily have to be a repair, but a change in taste to up-date the door, or replace a glazed unit, for further advice speak to one of our team.

If your windows were fitted a number of years ago and have become misted or foggy within the double glazed glass panels. Be assured in the knowledge that double glazed windows units can be repaired by us and no matter the design of the glass, we are able to match the design and carry out the repair work.

This is one of the most common problems with double glazed windows and is worth understanding how water can get into you unit and finding out what can be done to resolve the problem.

When the cold outside air cools the glass and the warm air from the inside hits the glass, the glass condenses subsequently allowing the condensation to form. This can then appear on several locations on your panel:

  • On the internal glazed faces of window
  • On the external glazed faces of window
  • On the surface of glazing in the air gap between glazed panel

Due to the UK’s humidity levels and wet winters and as soon as autumn starts as well as the drop of temperatures you will start to notice water and moisture forming on your glass panel. In humid conditions, the condensation on out windows will start at high temperatures whereas in cold conditions, conditions will occur even in there is relatively low levels of moisture in the air.

There are many causes of moisture/condensation in windows including cold weather or high humidity or the seal that creates the unit breaks allowing air into gaps.

Force 8 offers a 10 year guarantee with all of our windows and we have developed a low cost option to restore your double glazed windows back to their original glory.

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