Emergency Exit/Panic Doors

Force 8 is proud to be one of the first companies to receive the BuildCheck certification of the Constancy of Performance of their PVC-U doorstep with Emergency Exit/Panic Doors.

Using the fully sculptured and reinforced profiles supplied by Veka, the single or double doors can be supplied in vast array of colours. Each door must be tested by a notified test lab to BS EN179, EN1125, EN1935, and PR En13633in compliance with the Construction Products Regulation.

Building regulations require all public building to have a minimum number of fire and emergency exits, and crash bars are required to allow people to pass through without a reduction in speed. Doors that are used for exit only do not require a handle on the outside, but can have one fitted to create a two-way door. The bar can be locked in a neutral position allowing it to be opened from both sides.

Our panic doors are designed to be installed in any public building, from schools, hospitals and health centres, to airports, libraries, sports venues and many more. It is essential that visitors can operate the emergency/panic door effortlessly in the event of an emergency, whilst also providing safety and security. Residential doors can also be supplied with panic bars fitted, adding to the security of building.

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