Ahead Of The Curve With Force 8

Force 8 has added a new composite door to their two-tone contemporary collection with the addition of the new stunning Geneva design. The seamless double grooved curved design adds a new dimension, and is available in any of the RAL colours. As far as the company is aware, Force 8 is the only composite door manufacturer to offer a dual colour design.

Available in the smooth aluminium look finish, the new door also boasts a three-latch system to help combat any problems with bowing during seasonal temperatures. It also has a unique paint finish specially adapted for Force 8, which helps to thermally protect the door to further enhance its stability.

“What is not featured in the specification is the 30 years of knowledge which has gone into the Geneva”, comments Dennis Sumner, managing director. “As a company we are in a unique position, as we still have an installation team locally. Any issues regarding fitting or further remedial work is directed straight back to our manufacturing department, enabling us to innovate and fine-tune our designs. This gives us a distinct advantage over other manufacturers, as we can fit and test our designs in real life situations”.

The ability of Force 8 to spot any potential problems helps them to produce a better product, plus an easier installation process for the market. The Geneva is being added to the Force 8 on-line Door Designer, and will be available in early December.

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