Where Do You See The Aluminium Market Going In 2018?

Recently there has been a massive demand for customers wanting to have aluminium style products but still wanting to have composite material products. This is where Force 8’s high developed smooth finish on our decadence doors comes into place due to the fact that this a range that is exclusive to us and our smooth finish gives the impression of an aluminium door but has still been manufactured with composite material.

The latest release from Manchester based Force 8 is the Zermatt Decadence door; this is a two tone colour scheme that with the background colour of anthracite grey and this enhanced by the smooth finish. Force 8 has rarely released a design which has two colour tones on one slab and this has provided us a great opportunity to develop further on our designs.

There has been a high demand for coloured doors in the current market and we are the first company to think about designing a door that combines two colours on a contemporary door. This is the first style of door that you will see featuring an offset groove and this adds uniqueness to the design.

The new Zermatt door has gained a lot of attention on our social media sites. On Facebook, this post has been seen over 1.000 times by potential customers and gained many likes on the post as well as adding a couple of likes to the page. The post has also been seen on Twitter but nowhere as many people have seen the post as it has only received over 300 views.

Customers have recently been demanding for aluminium products in the market and are looking for more premium products so there will be a rise in installers fitting these styles of windows and doors. Furthering this, customers are less likely to be purchasing the standard white composite or PVCU materials. Aluminium products are thriving in the industry and nay installer who isn’t currently involved with aluminium products is missing out on an amazing route in the industry and is already being explored by many companies.

When Force8 released our new door collection brochure, we received lots of positive reviews from the companies that we sent them out to, many looking to possibly purchase a door from the decadence range which was only recently developed during 2017 and is starting to revolutionise the industry with our exclusive designs.

If you are looking to invest in an aluminium style door or window, click here to read through our door collection brochure or contact us to discuss this further.

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