Aluminium smooth finish making an impact in the market

As Force 8 is a company that has experience with all types and designs of windows and doors using materials such as composite and UPVC.

For a long time, the most popular choice for replacing your windows and doors was UPVC but due to companies wanting to expand their choices of products and materials to create a more diverse company portfolio.

In recent years, aluminium and aluminium style products have started have made a significant comeback – being mostly found in bi folding doors and some entrance doors. Aluminium has the aesthetics to improve any home but at a high cost, costing up to five times more than a Force 8 composite door with the aluminium smooth finish. Since Force 8 has introduced the smooth finish, it has already proven to be popular with our customers and if we continue to target this to the correct audience, this could revolutionise the industry.

As new designs and finishes are always being introduced – companies who only sell one type of door style could consider looking into new opportunities for their companies i.e if you are a company that only sells UPVC doors and windows, you could consider adding aluminium or composite to your portfolio. New build homes are constantly on the rise and property developers are know using aluminium as their main material choice when adding windows and doors to their properties.

At Stockport based, Force 8, our exclusive decadence door range is available in the aluminium smooth finish which gives the impression of a full aluminium door with all the thermal benefits of a composite door. This now gives homeowners the opportunity of a wider option of external doors as well as competing with full aluminium doors that are already on the market.

Don’t hesitate to contact Force 8 to discuss the many options that we have available for you.

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