Anthracite Grey Oxford Doors

Force 8’s Oxford door is one of our most popular traditional style doors. With its 6 designs to choose from, you can be sure to that traditional feel within a modern home.

In the photograph, this is one of our anthracite grey oxford doors.

Each door is available with an arched frame. This process is unique to Force 8, making your door even more aesthetically pleasing. Depending on the style of the arch, this allows for welds and steel reinforcements to be used where it’s possible, creating the true radius of the arch. By using this process, allows Force 8 to design and manufacture arches and curved sections of any size to the correct measurements.

The Oxford door is available in a smooth finish or a grain finish, allowing this to be completely unique to Force 8.  A variety of glazed options are available with different glass sizes, widening your choice of design. With 210 RAL colours available, you can be sure that there is a colour available for you with a 5-year guarantee on Golden Oak/Irish Oak doors and Others available with 10-year guarantee.

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