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One of the problems that customers have is getting the radius of the arch correct. A very easy way to achieve this is to measure the total height and the width. Divide the width to find the half way mark, from the point where you think the arch starts, from that central point take a measurement at 45 degrees to the arch. The three measurements, height, width and radius will give us the information to create the correct arch shape.

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    D. Width / Diameter

    R. Truth Arch R = Width (D) ÷ 2

    S. Base - Springline

    H. Overall hight

    E. Side width - Outer frame

    A. Door width

    M. Midrail base

    T. Base - transom

    F. Top of frame - transom

    W. Door Width outer frame to outer frame

    C. Base - Edge of frame

    K. Edge of frame - Springline

    O. Outer frame to outer frame

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