An Arch within an Arch

Force 8 has always been famous for their seamless one piece arched frames, and have now taken the arched concept one step further, with the introduction of the Arched Composite Door.

This new innovation gives both customers and suppliers even more options when choosing a design. As with all Force 8 doors, it comes with all the essential accreditations, and the added security.“This was a natural progression for the company, after we have pioneered the arched frame within the industry, along with the composite door, it was just something we had to do”, comments Dennis Sumner the Managing director of Force 8. The new door design now enables the use of an arched frame in some areas without compromise on the design, and will give a far cleaner look to the finished project.“I believe this is another first for the industry by Force 8, and demonstrates our commitment to innovation, even in the present economic climate”, comments Dennis.

Force 8 have been relentless over the last twelve months, launching new products into the market on a regular basis, the last being the unique stable composite door. All of Force 8’s composite doors meet the current building regulations in regards to U values, and were one of the first companies to achieve the status.

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