Arched Contemporary Doors vs Arched Traditional Doors

Force 8 is a leading manufacturer in profile bending and are the only company in the UK to produce one-piece arched frames. We can offer a range of fully or part arches that are suitable for any home. Arched products from force 8 can add a unique finish to your home, adding a modern twist.

Whether you are looking for a contemporary or traditional door, Force 8 can manufacture an arched frame that will work for the door that you choose. Each of Force 8’s door is available with an arched frame and we can manufacture almost any design, furthering your choice of product.

Force 8 uses state of the art techniques, allowing for lengths of up to 6500mm to be curved in a single length during the manufacturing process. Depending on the style of the arch, this allows for welds and steel reinforcements to be used where it’s possible, creating the true radius of the arch. By using this process, allows Force 8 to design and manufacture arches and curved sections of any size to the correct measurements. This process is unique to Force 8 and offers a structurally stronger frame. The one-piece sash bend is fully reinforced, even through the curve and is available in VEKA Halo or a system 10 profile which are all in stock in the Hazel Grove factory.

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