Arched Door Services For Installers

You can expect high standards from Force 8 throughout the manufacturing process as well as delivery to our customers and installers. The arched door system is unique to Force 8 and was developed to compliment their arched frames

Our state of the art techniques depending on the style of the arch, this allows for welds and steel reinforcements to be used where it’s possible, creating the true radius of the arch whilst offering an aesthetically pleasing finish. In 9 out of 10 cases, templates are not needed to manufacture are doors. These doors are available in our standard and premium colours as well as a further 210 RAL colours so you can find a colour that truly suits your home.

To further improve the aesthetics of the arched door, you can also install a 600mm diameter window and a sunburst and raked frames. Before our doors are dispatched, they are packed with templates for a sealed unit.

Each of our doors is designed to fit with our customers’ homes and individuality. Whatever style of home you live in, whether this is a terrace or townhouse, our extensive range of doors bring together the best if high performance materials and traditional designs.

Force 8 is associated with many approved installers across the country allowing us to provide for our customers nationwide. This allows are customers to be guaranteed with the full customer experience that we offer here at Force 8. Here at Force 8, we take great pride in our high standards of professionalism towards our windows and doors that we manufacture and install to ensure high amounts of quality throughout the manufacturing and installation process.

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