Arched doors with joints and welds vs arched doors without joints and welds

Leading Manchester based profile bending company, Force 8 are still taking the industry by storm with their one-piece arched doors.

Dennis Sumner, Managing Director of Force 8 comments “All Force 8 doors can be manufactured with an arched frame, whether that’d be a part arch or a full arch. Using the latest technology and state of the art techniques, we can produce profile lengths of up to 6500mm, giving that much needed security and aesthetically pleasing finish”.

Using a one-piece bend saves having to use welds for the larger arches that they manufacture. As a hot oil technique is used, this adds a real statement to the overall structure of the bend and when they create their arched frames, parts are reinforced with steel whereas other companies don’t use this approach. Because they understand the profiles that are being used, they know what types of steel to use for the reinforcement of the arched frame, gaining the best possible outcome for each job.

Force 8 rarely use templates to figure out the sizes of our arches, if it is a more complex arch then one is normally needed. To further this, they don’t rely on templates as they have a specific way to measure the true radius of the arch, this is done by measuring the width of the door, finding where the arch will be welded then finding the middle, left and right points of the centre.

Many companies don’t have a developed technique of how to create a one-piece bend and they rely on the technique of using welds and joints to create their arched frames. Companies may rely on using templates and other companies to help manufacture the arches due to lack of resources.

To further expand what they offer to the industry, Force 8 have now started to spray their doors on site. The company has started to do this to improve quality control and lead times. When sending your products off to be sprayed, you are then reliant on your supplier to keep up with their work whilst your composite door is sat in queue waiting and this is what Force 8 wanted to avoid.

Force 8 is well known nationwide for their renowned unique profile bending and composite doors. To back all this up, Force 8 can deliver their products nationwide, so you are never far away from their amazing services and arched composite doors.

Remember to obtain your copy of the 2018 door collection brochure. This new brochure features 64 pages of Force 8’s expanding door portfolio which has the addition of new door designs being added, giving a wider option to choose from.

Force 8 has now added a new door designer onto their website. Allowing you to easily visualise the design of your new entrance door before you even receive your door.

Don’t hesitate to contact Force 8 to discuss their many arched composite door options and how they can produce a design for you.

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