Arched frames manufactured by Force 8

Force 8 is the leading manufacturer of arched frames in the UK and you won’t find our highly manufactured products anywhere else. Arched frames from Force 8 can add a unique feature to your home, creating a modern enhancement to your home. Furthering this, we are able to manufacture fully and part arched frames, widening your choice of entrance designs.

Our arched frames are manufactured using state – of – the – art techniques to produce the 6500mm profile length. This is all manufactured using one piece of profile without the need for cutting or sanding. In addition to this, the one piece profile is unique to Force 8 as no welding or joins are used within the arch, offering the customers a structurally safe door.

As Force 8 possess high quality engineering expertise, this allows us to be able to manufacture almost any design , whether that is circular, arched or octagonal, we’ll be able to produce a design for you to enhance your home.

Force 8 can manufacture almost any design as well as scaling up any of your designs to meet your individual criteria. If you have any design ideas, don’t hesitate to contact us and discuss how we can approach your plan. We also have a full range of pre-set designs to give you inspiration.

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