Arched French Doors From Force 8

If you are looking for modern aesthetics for your property with an added sense of uniqueness, then arched French doors from Force 8 will be perfect for your home.

With the use of VEKA Halo or System 10 profile, the one-piece sash bend is fully reinforced, even though the curve. This process is completely unique to Force 8 to offer a structurally stronger frame.

Dennis Sumner, Managing Director of Force 8 comments “Depending on the style of the arch, this allows for welds and steel reinforcements to be used when it’s possible, creating the true radius of the arch. With the use of state of the art techniques, this allows for lengths of up to 6500mm to be curved in a single profile length during the manufacturing process”.

All Force 8 doors are fitted with SFS 2D hinges, giving an aesthetically pleasing finish and are available in a wide range of colours. The use of lever/lever handles on both sides of the doors allow for easy access and great security. You also have the option of having a slam shut lock.  A low ally threshold is also available for easier access to your home and is a great option for disability access.

To enhance the overall design of your French doors, you can add Venetian blinds to your units. Whilst in the manufacturing process, the blinds are installed in the glass cavity of the door which provides for a zero-maintenance blind.

“Force 8 can offer you a great choice of French doors which are very popular within traditional homes and smaller properties. This style of door allows you a quick access to your garden, allowing you to have the outdoor within the comforts of your own home. Our French doors provide a stylish finish that provide the highest level of security that is all year round”, comments Dennis.

Don’t hesitate to contact Force 8 to discuss their many stable door options and how they can produce a design for you.

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