Arched UPVC doors

Stockport based Force 8 is a leading manufacturer in arched frames in the UK and you won’t find these products anywhere else.  Arched products from force 8 can add a unique finish to your home, adding a modern twist. We are also able to manufacturer fully and part arched frames, widening your choice of designs.

Our arches are manufactured using state of the art techniques which produce profile lengths of up to 6500mm. Each frame is also manufactured using a single piece of profile without the need of cutting or sanding.

Most of our customers these days choose to opt for composite doors however some of our customers still choose to pick a UPVC doors.

Force 8’s UPVC doors are far less expensive than the composite doors and this is because they are usually hollow in comparison to the composite doors which are usually filled with dense solid foam, making our composite doors almost impenetrable due to the added multi – point locking system.

UPVC doors are not as secure as the UPVC Composite doors but they are still secure since they come with multi – point locking system. This will deter the greater number of potential intruders as the material makes it virtually impossible to prise open. These doors also allow for high level of energy efficiencies.

This door is available in a VEKA Halo or System 10 profile with a one piece sash bend that is fully reinforced. A lever/lever handle is on both sides of the door with a slam shut available. Force 8 uses SFS Dynamic 2D hinges which have style and security as standard. There is also a low ally threshold available.

Don’t hesitate to contact Force 8 to discuss our wide range of arched products or our UPVC doors.


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