Choosing the right colour to enhance your products from Force 8

Here at Force 8 in Manchester, we are able to offer you the choice of our standard and premium colours on our range of doors. To further the choice that you have, Force 8 can offer you a further 210 RAL colours.

With more colour choices to choose from, customers are following different trends and incorporating these colours into their windows, doors and roof lining. In addition to this more people seem to aiming towards Anthracite grey and this is the choice for homeowners at the moment.

When choosing a conservatory from Force 8, you are able to develop the interior and exterior of this. Once this has been completed, you could possibly well paint the interior of you conservatory extension. The benefit of anthracite grey colours gives an impression of the sky at night and this is something that homeowners are looking for and this is a trend for 2018. Doing this can very much complement the products that you have purchased from us.

With windows from Force 8, you are able to have the UPVC material in traditional white or any other mock effect texture. If you are choosing the mock effect texture for your windows, this allows you to be able to match all the windows and doors that you have had fitted from us.  This then ensures that you have the style that you desire for your home without the worry of having different shades of products.

If you are interested in any of these options or how you can get the quality back into your products from Force 8, don’t hesitate to contact us on 0161 483 1997 or visit of our showrooms to discuss how we can help you to achieve the home you are looking for and the different styles that we have on offer.

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