Do you have cloudy, condensated windows

We can repair your cloudy condensated windows. All types of double glazed windows units can be repaired by us and no matter the design work of the glass, we are able to match the design and carry out the repair work.

Double and triple glazing works by creating layers of gas or air that are airtight which will between the layers of glass, creating insulation between the outside and your home. The insulation properties and are lost when the seals break down.

The condensation can appear on several parts of your window including:

  • On the internal glazed faces of window
  • On the external glazed faces of window
  • On the surface of glazing in the air gap between glazed panel

There are many causes of moisture/condensation in windows including cold weather or high humidity or the seal that creates the unit breaks allowing air into gaps.

Force 8 offers a 10-year guarantee with all our windows and we have developed a low-cost option to restore your double-glazed windows back to their original glory.

Don’t hesitate to contact Force 8 if you have cloudy and condensated windows.

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