Composite doors on the rise

The composite door industry has constantly been developed over the last few years and research has shown that this sector will continue to grow significantly right to 2021. Predictions have also shown that 56% of all doors that are manufactured for homes in the UK will be of composite material.

Composite doors are a popular choice since they are aesthetically pleasing as well as being low maintenance. You will also gain the added security and thermal benefits that come with this material. Homeowners are really driving how the door market operates, ultimately allowing companies such as Force 8 to constantly develop their portfolio so we keep up with the current market. Figures show that that 750,000 homeowners purchased composite doors in 2017.

Stockport based company, Force 8 has recently developed the Zermatt decadence door, this is the first door of its kind and you won’t see anything else like this on the market. This is due to the two-tone colour scheme that features on the door and with the demand for colour doors becoming popular, Force 8 has been the first company to combine two colours onto a contemporary door.

Homeowners were originally restricted on what style of doors that they could choose from as well as what was affordable. But now Force 8 has manufactured a wide range of composites doors that give the impression of aluminium and are 3 to 4 times less expensive than full aluminium doors that are on the market. All our doors are manufactured in our Hazel Grove factory, so we have complete control of the manufacturing process.

The Zermatt Decadence door is now available in a glazed option.

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact Force 8 about our wide range of composite doors or more information on our Zermatt Decadence door. Click here to look through our 2018 brochure.

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