Condensation Repair on Double Glazing

Manchester based Force 8 can repair your misted or foggy double-glazed glass panels. We can repair all types of double glazed windows units and we can match the design on the glass to carry out the repair work.

Condensation is a common problem with double glazed windows and it is always worth getting the repair work completed.

This can be caused by the UK’s inconsistent weather with high humidity levels and temperatures dramatically plummeting. This then causes the condensation to appear on several places on the glass:

  • On the internal glazed faces of window
  • On the external glazed faces of window
  • On the surface of glazing in the air gap between glazed panel

We offer a 10-year guarantee with all of our windows and we have developed a low cost option to restore your double glazed windows.

Don’t hesitate to contact Force 8 to discuss our condensation repair on double glazing.

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