Emergency Exit Doors

Force 8 is one the first companies in the industry to receive the BuildCheck certification for ‘Competence of Performance” for their PVCU and composite doorsets with Emergency Exit Doors.

Each emergency door that we manufacture uses fully sculptured and reinforced profile that has been supplied by Veka. Each can either be single or double doors and are available in a vast number of colours.

Lockmaster Panic Bar Specification

  • Suitable for use in high frequency applications
  • Tested to 200,000 cycles
  • For use with doors up to 200kg
  • Safe to use on escape route doors
  • High corrosion resistance (240hrs NSS)
  • Grade security level 1000N
  • Standard horizontal bar projection up to 150mm
  • A ‘push bar’ type A panic device


Don’t hesitate to contact Force 8 to discuss our emergency doors. Click here to look through our door designer.

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