Emergency Exit and Panic Doors

Force 8 is one the first companies in the industry to receive the BuildCheck certification for ‘Competence of Performance” for their PVCU and composite doorsets with Emergency Exit/Panic Doors.

As we use fully sculptured and reinforced profiles that have been supplied by VEKA, these single or double doors can be supplied in a vast number of colours. Each door must be tested to BS EN179, EN1125, EN1935 and PR EN13633 in compliance with the Construction Products Regulation.

Current Building Regulations require all public buildings to have a minimum number of fire and emergency exits and crash bars are required to allow people to pass through without reducing speed.  If a door is used for exiting only, this is not required to have a handle on the outside but can have one fitted to create a two-way door. This bar can then be locked in a neutral position allowing it to be opened from both sides.

Panic doors are designed to be installed in any public building such as schools and hospitals to airports and sports venues.  It is essential for visitors to be able to operate the emergency/panic doors effortlessly in the event of an emergency which also provides safety and security. To further this, residential doors can also be supplied with panic bars.

emergency exit/panic doors
Double Emergency Exit/Panic Doors
emergency exit/panic doors
Single Emergency Exit/Panic Door

The Lockmaster multi point panic door lock is now being provided by Yale to be fitted onto our emergency exit and panic doors.

Panic hardware offers rapid escape in an emergency and is suitable for public areas and place where a situation could rise.

This locking system offers the advantages of high performance security and compression. All the locks were designed specifically to work with Lockmaster multi point door locks.


  • Suitable for use in high frequency applications
  • Tested to 200,000 cycles
  • For use with doors up to 200kg
  • Safe to use on escape route doors
  • High corrosion resistance (240hrs NSS)
  • Grade security level 1000N
  • Standard horizontal bar projection up to 150mm
  • A ‘push bar’ type A panic device

Each panic bar is compliant with EN1125 and comes with a unique external access system. The lock comes with 10-year guarantee.

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