Fabricators still in the Dark About Profile Bending

Force 8 has been in the profile bending business for over 30 years, and are still the only company in the UK using the single length profile bending system. Over the years they have stated the benefits of using this system, rather than welded bends, where only the length of profile needed for the curve or arch is bent, with the tails for the arch welded on separately.

Fabricators are still surprised with the service that Force 8 offer for arches or special shapes, most have to supply the bending company with ready routed profile, Force 8 provide everything, even the routing to fit the fabricator’s hardware, which cuts down on time and effort and in some cases lead-times are cut by half, which makes a significant difference.

Over the years Force 8 have continually invested to perfect their bending service. Demonstrating this, they have one of the few routing machines that will take a full arched frame, so routing can take place after the bending, improving accuracy. Also as far as they are aware, they are the only company using a hot oil system to make the profile pliable before it’s introduced to the formers to create the curve or arch.

“We welcome any fabricator or installation company to take a tour of the factory and watch the process”, comments Dennis Sumner, Managing Director. “To this day, most of our visitors are surprised by the lengths of profile that we can bend, and the scale of the operation. Visitors are impressed the most by the quality of the arches. One of our recent visitors was closely inspecting finished arced frames fitted with arched French doors, and noted that there was no gapping at the base of the curve of the arch. With a welded arched frame the weld has to be exactly 90 degrees, if not it creates a slight angle outwards, this has never been an issue with Force 8 for the simple reason its one continuous length of profile with no breaks”.

After 30 years, Force 8 believes it has the perfect bending system and would welcome any company who uses another bending company to take a tour of the factory and inspect the quality of their arches and special shapes. “Our service is sharp and simple, we cut out all the hassle and make it easy for the customer, we offer the complete package” comments Dennis.

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