Force 8 Are Feeling Flush

Flush windows have become an extremely popular product in the home improvement market, particularly with homeowners looking for a more traditional look and feel. There are many fabricators now producing these flush products, but there are gaps in the flush range, particularly when it comes to doors, says Force 8

Force 8 is recognised for innovating, and have a long history of unique products. During the lockdown period earlier this year, they were using the time to develop a truly unique product for the flush frame market: a set of arched French doors, which to their knowledge, no other manufacture can produce.

According to the Cheshire based fabricator, the arched flush French doors are currently only available from Force 8, as one of the main components is a unique single length profile bend which makes the system possible. Force 8 adds that as the only company within the UK using this bending method, no other company will be able to produce these doors commercially. The reason given is that the curve on the arch of the frame and the door has to match perfectly, so these section lengths are curved together to create a perfect match with a consistent clearance between the outer door sash frames. According to Force 8, other profile bending companies bend the arch section and then weld the tails on, and trying to produce these doors with this method would be a nightmare. The company says there are many issues but the main point of failure would be where the arch finishes and the tail begins, claiming that just a millimeter out would cause an unequal clearance on the curved sections, ruining the look and the aesthetics of the doors.

“Over the years we have continuously improved our one length profile bending process, and educated the market about its strength and aesthetics, but in this instance, there is no other option available”, comments Dennis Sumner, managing director of Force 8. “The problem is where the curve of the arch flows into the straight. With our process it’s absolutely seamless, making it easy to match the frame and door together and create a consistent clearance around the whole door. We are not saying that another company could not attempt this with their bending method, but the amount of failures to success would make it financially unviable, with a flush system such as this, it has to be perfect, there is no way to hide any imperfections”.

For security and strength the doors are reinforced at the corners and the locking system was originally developed for bi-folding doors and is inlayed into the frame, which not only includes hooks, but shoot bolts at the top and bottom of each door. With this system there are no obtrusive mullions, giving the doors a lighter and more delicate feel. Dennis continues, “if you are marketing and installing flush windows as part of your portfolio, please contact Force 8 about our flush door range, and let us help you increase your sales opportunities and profits”.

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