Force 8 Introduces Innovative Door and a Half

Force 8, renowned for its commitment to innovation within the industry, has unveiled its latest product: the Door and a Half. This pioneering addition to the Force 8 range redefines accessibility with its simple, but ingenious design, offering customers unprecedented flexibility and convenience when it comes to access.

Traditionally, side panels on door frames remain fixed, limiting accessibility, however, Force 8’s Door and a Half ingeniously integrates a hinged and locking system into the side panel, allowing it to open independently. This innovative feature significantly widens the entrance, easing access for individuals with mobility challenges, including wheelchair users. Moreover, it facilitates the delivery of bulky items such as furniture, simplifying logistical challenges for homeowners and businesses alike, particularly if the entry space or hallway is at a difficult angle.

The main door operates autonomously, ensuring seamless functionality, and will probably be the normal way of entry. By unlocking the side panel, homeowners or businesses can effortlessly expand the entrance, adapting it to their specific needs, once finished the side panel can be locked back into place. As you would expect at Force 8, security remains paramount, with the main door equipped with a traditional Yale night latch and 5 lever mortice deadlocks for enhanced protection and peace of mind.

Force 8’s Door and a Half system are compatible with any door design within its extensive range, catering to traditional and contemporary aesthetic preferences and not forgetting its in-house paint facility where customers can also choose from a wide array of colours to suit their individual style and property aesthetics.

“We are always looking for new ways to improve our products, and although this is a simple idea, we know it will strike a chord with a lot of customers and demonstrates our ongoing commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions,”

said Lisa Mottershead operations director at Force 8

“It’s a practical solution for a common problem, which is what we are all about here at Force 8”

From the initial order placement to the intricacies of our unique profile bending technique, right through to delivery.

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