Why Force 8 Specialise in Just VEKA And HALO

For the past three decades, Force 8 have been in the specialist profile bending sector and have built a reputation that is second to none. Throughout that time, they have dedicated their efforts to just two primary profile selections, namely, Veka and Halo. The focus on the Veka profile has stemmed from its versatility, offering a wide array of sections that make it the ideal choice for bending profiles for various installations in either windows or doors.

The specialisation of Force 8 in Veka and Halo profiles has afforded them the opportunity to fine tune their operations. This has enabled Force 8 to make strategic investments in cutting-edge software, state-of-the-art CNC machinery, and even a precision milling machine with the ability to navigate corners seamlessly, which is all geared up exclusively for Veka. Additionally, their remarkable three decades of industry experience, coupled with a highly dedicated workforce, have been instrumental in solidifying their position as leaders in their field.

Force 8 has consistently exhibited a flair for innovation and adaptation, which has allowed them to maintain a lead role in the industry and keep one step ahead. Remarkably, to their knowledge they are still the only company in the UK producing a full-length bend, which means that an arched frame for a door or window is formed from a single length of profile, with no welds or breaks.

Dennis Sumner, the founder of Force 8, emphasises, “Achieving our level of quality bending would be unattainable if we were bending multiple profiles, and constantly changing settings, tooling, formers and software. We would become jack of all trades and masters of none, we prefer to be true masters of our craft. This approach has also enabled us to maintain an extensive inventory of Veka and Halo profiles, ensuring that a wide array of sections are consistently available, which would be almost impossible with multiple profile brands and sections”.

Their craftsmanship extends beyond their products and machinery, encompassing the very structure of their organisation. Notably, in November 2021, they pioneered a move into an Employee-Owned Trust (EOT), marking a significant milestone within the industry. Two years later, this strategic decision has proven to be an outstanding success, in an industry where staff and skill shortages are starting to bite, Force 8 has found what it believes is a unique and long-lasting solution to the problem. As mentioned earlier, a dedicated workforce is crucial to the quality and success of the company.

Dennis concludes, “the EOT was the last piece of the jigsaw, if you are specialising in one profile for bending, equipping the factory with the correct machinery and software for that profile, you need the right people to make it all work, which is why we can claim to be masters of our craft.”

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