Force 8 in the UK windows and doors market

The windows and doors market continues to increase in the UK housing market and also shows significant investment opportunities.

The market for windows, doors and conservatories remains as strong as it has been over recent years and continues to deliver lots of opportunities for fabrication companies and customers.

Force 8 has been manufacturing and installing windows, doors and conservatories for over 25 years in Stockport and has witnessed well how the market has changed. Due to some significant changes that has happened in the industry, this has developed the styles of doors and products that Force 8 releases and we don’t release a new brochure until we have designs to release.

We always follow trends that are happening in the industry to ensure that our products can somewhat represent the styles of products that are already on the market. As we have developed each design well enough to ensure each product is of the highest quality.

2018 has already been a great start for Force 8, gaining interest from companies that have received our new door collection brochure. These companies have told us that they interested in our new smooth finish as well as the decadence door range.

Force 8’s latest release is the Zermatt Decadence door and this proven to be popular across our social media platforms already just a few days after its release. This door is also set to revolutionise the market due to the fact there is no design that like this currently available. The fact that we have kept the main colour as anthracite grey allows for the chance to keep up with the current trend of window frames.

If you are interested in one of our products, don’t hesitate to contact us or visit one of our showrooms to discuss our different styles of doors and windows.


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