Force 8’s Arched Composite Doors

Force 8 is the only company to offer you this style of composite door. We as a company are able to produce a range of fully and part arches that are suitable for any entrance.

At Force 8 we have a creation system which is very unique to use and the style that we produce compliments the arched frames we produce. These arched composite doors are manufactured using the latest material technology with an efficient glazing and are available in a variety of colours ranging from standard to premium as well as a large range of styles to choose from.

When choosing your arched composite doors from us, you are able to choose from black heritage, which is an antique style hardware give your door a traditional finish or contemporary hardware, which has been specially chosen for its outstanding performance in the toughest conditions as well as having a great resistance to corrosion unlike other types of steels. Our contemporary hardware has a life time guarantee. Force 8 also offers an extensive range of door furniture, where there is selection of colours. These features offer high quality and durability as these are of importance to a front door and having matching hardware generates an every lasting impression. We also have an option of using our urban cassette, which is available in aluminium or colour matching finishes or you can choose from our TriSys moulded cassette. All of our doors are fitted with unobtrusive hinges that allow for adjustment as well as being available in 5 colours.

The PU foam core that is used in the construction of our doors reduces heat loss which provides a high level of thermal performance, making our range of composite doors much more efficient that either timber or PVC doors as our doors are being manufactured to the high quality standards . Our doors are also manufactured using grained reinforced GRP skins, leading our composite door slab to have the closet appearance to wood but without any of the associated maintenance requirements.

If you want to have a modern feel to your property but have an effect of a cottage door then this is the perfect style of door for your home.

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