Force 8’s wide variety of colour options for your products

Stockport based Force 8 can offer you a wide option of colours for you to choose from, whether that’ll be from our standard and premium ranges. To further your choices of colour, there is also a further 210 RAL colours that are on offer.

To further the colour choices of your door, you can pick any RAL colour that is on offer. Allowing you to be able to have two colours choices on your door.

At the start of the new year, Force 8 began to experiment with colour choices. The Zermatt decadence door is the first design of its kind. This is due to the two-tone colour scheme that features on the design. With the main colour of the door being anthracite grey, you can choose from any other colour that we have on offer. We choose anthracite grey as the main colour of the door since it is a very popular colour of choice for homeowners now.

We have also noticed that Chartwell green has also been a popular colour of choice with our customers.

Customers are also looking for an aluminium aesthetics which is why anthracite grey has become a popular colour with our customers. Alongside our newly developed smooth finish, which gives the look of aluminium with all the benefits of a composite door, you will gain an aesthetically pleasing door with the aluminium look that you want.

Don’t hesitate to contact Force 8 to discuss the different door options that we have for you. Click here to read through our 2018 door collection brochure and reserve your copy.

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