Pivot & Circle Windows

Force 8 is offering pivot and circle windows which have been manufactured using strong locking mechanisms.

Pivot & Circle frames add for a great feature to your home as these styles of windows allow for you to look different to your property.

Force 8 Circle WindowForce8 Fixed Circle Window

Pivot Windows

Force 8 is offering pivot windows which have been manufactured using strong locking mechanisms that have also been designed using the latest security technology. These styles of windows are becoming less popular in the UK but as Force 8 is one of the few companies that offer this design allowing you to add individuality to your home.

Our UPVC material is available in traditional white or any mock effect texture allowing you to match your windows with any other product that you may have had from us. Using UPVC material allows these windows to be low maintenance and is also great for keeping the heating in.

Using fully reversible windows locks in the manufacturing process allows you to lock the window in place when it is reversed, and this’ll remain like this until you unlock it.

These types of windows are very much ideal for multi – storey buildings. They are also a popular choice for office blocks, town houses and apartments. Pivot windows are suitable for all types of properties and are a popular choice with architects due to their aesthetically pleasing finish.

Circle Frames

Circle frames add for a great feature to your home as these styles of windows allow for you to look different to your property. You can also add these windows to inaccessible areas from the outside such as on a stair case and as this is a low maintenance window you won’t have to have to worry about cleaning your window.

This is another style of frame that can create uniqueness to your home, whether this is contemporary or traditional. A bonus to adding these to your home is that they could potentially add value to your home, if you were to put it on the market.

Circle frames are just as energy efficient as standard windows. Force 8 can offer double glazing and triple glazing glazed options to minimise heat loss and heating bills.

The benefits of adding a shaped/pivot window to your property are:

  • Adds a unique focal point to your property, making your home stand out.
  • Force 8 has the expertise’s to create specialist frames. We have 30 years’ experience, so a high quality finished product is guaranteed from us.
  • We have a wide selection of windows for you to choose from, whether that’d be contemporary or traditional

Force 8 can work with you to create a shaped frame for your home. You can choose from circular, arched or octagonal shapes in a range of finishes. As Force 8 is the leading manufacturer and supplier of bespoke arched and shaped PVCu frames, we have been in business for 30 years and possess the engineering expertise to create almost any design and shape. We can construct our arches and shaped products from a single piece of PVCu with the use of steel reinforcements wherever possible.

As we are always creating new and innovative ideas, you can expect us to be creating designs that aren’t typically seen on the market. By being able to combine arched elements into our products, Force 8 can add sophistication to the overall aesthetics as well as giving a contemporary feel. We are constantly investing in new ways to manufacturer our products, enabling us produce more complex designs.

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