Forget Keys, Says Force 8

‘No need to grapple with a set of keys, or try to remember a passcode, just let yourself in’. Stockport based Force 8 says TouchKey is the future of security within the door lock market – it’s simple to use as you are the key.

Using fingerprint technology, all you need to do is hold the handle and place your thumb on the sensor, which is positioned where your thumb would normally go when opening a conventional door. Force 8 claims to be the first to offer this innovative system on any of their new doors, with a special introductory offer of £495. The system is self-contained within the door and no extra wiring is required, making installation easier, says Force 8.

In a statement, the company said: ‘The TouchKey App from ERA gives the homeowner full permission to control and monitor who has access to the property and track the activity of who has entered and at what time. The system can store up to 50 profiles, and all the information is stored on ERA’s cloud platform, and not stored on the phone or handle, creating a two-factor authentication with ERA’s server when anyone enters the property to prevent hacking. In the event of a problem with recognition, TouchKey can also be opened by a smart phone’.

The system is not confined to a domestic property, Force 8 have already installed a TouchKey into a local solicitor’s premises to allow the staff access the private area of their offices. Hill & Co Solicitors have been using the TouchKey for the past few months and are said to be very happy with its performance and ease of use.

According to Force 8, the security and mechanical aspect of the lock is ‘second to none’. When closing the door, all six locking points automatically secure the door tightly to the frame and for easy smooth opening from the inside without a key, simply use the internal thumb turn. Force 8 also says the system is extremely advanced, with self-learning smart fingerprint technology establishing robust user recognition by learning and adapting the characteristics of an enrolled fingerprint template through valid verification over time.

Force 8 previewed the TochKey at this year’s FIT Show saying it proved to be extremely popular and that the whole system is backed up by ERA and guaranteed.

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