Getting Back To Your Roots With Force 8

Over recent years the trend has been towards more contemporary composite doors and Force 8 have helped to lead the way with their innovative and unique designs, but lets not forget the traditional door. There are still customers and homes that require a more refined traditional design to blend in with their surroundings, and this market should not be neglected.

Force 8 are well-known for their unique profile bending system, creating beautiful unbroken arched frames, and this has been an integral part of their traditional door range for many years. The installation pictured is indicative of the type of traditional installation that Force 8 are well-known for.  Fabricating the frame and manufacturing the door within the same factory gives Force 8 the ability match the door to the frame with perfect precision, which an advantage when dealing with just one supplier rather than two. It also eliminates any problems at the installation stage, which can turn out to be quite costly if measurements have been misinterpreted, either during the survey or at the point of fabrication. Although the modern composite door systems have quite a lot of adjustments that can be made at the point of installation, it has its limits.

As far as Force 8 are aware, they are the only company who fabricate arched frames and manufacture composite doors, which gives them and their customers a distinct advantage. Force 8 are aware that quite a few installers have turned work down, simply because of the complications of arched or unusual frames and doors. One customer was let down by two companies before Force 8 got involved and fabricated the perfect frame and door for the property, which resulted in neighbours ordering similar frames and doors. In these uncertain economic times the last thing installers should be doing is turning away work. Force 8 want to encourage installers to contact them if they have to quote for arched or unusual shaped frames or doors.

In most cases these will be a traditional design, and Force 8 have an extensive range of styles and colours available, along with a matching hardware selection. The door depicted is the Force 8 Cottage style and is available in two styles: a farmhouse ‘offset etched’ detailing and a traditional tongue and groove. The arched frame is perfectly coloured to match the Chartwell Green of the door, which is another reason why dealing with one supplier can make all the difference.

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