Glamping Pod Doors & Windows By Force 8

Over the past few years there has been considerable growth in the British holiday market, one of the areas which has seen interest is Glamping. Over the recent year this growth in Glamping Pods has expanded, as demand has grown with an explosion of new sites that have opened around the UK to meet the demand of the staycation.

There are many companies that can provide windows and doors, but very few like Force 8 who can provide unique systems to fit these new curved designs. Force 8 have been involved in profile bending for over 25 years and have perfected their system to an artform. Each frame or set of frames is custom made to the exact requirements of the Pod design. Each arch and curve is engineered from a single length of profile, with no breaks or welds, giving a more aesthetic appeal as well as a structurally stronger frame.

The new generation of Glamping Pods are constructed in a factory and then delivered ready built to site. The need for a reliable supplier to keep the production line flowing is essential. Force 8 have invested constantly in the latest computer-controlled CNC cutting machines and equipment. They can produce multiple units of unusual, curved designs to a millimetre perfect finish, which is ideal for this form of construction. The last thing a manufacturer wants is for his production line to be slowed down because of ill-fitting products.

Force 8 doors and windows all come with the latest security fittings and hardware, which has always been a priority for the company. All the Pod doors are fitted with 2 hooks and deadbolts to make sure when locked they are fully secure, giving the residents peace of mind while on their vacation.

Force 8 have been supplying arched and curved windows to tight deadline throughout the UK for many years and have the delivery infrastructure to cope with this growing demand in the Glamping Pod market.

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