How Aluminium Smooth Composite Doors Are Changing the Industry

Force 8 have been manufacturing  windows and doors for 30 years in the Stockport and Cheshire area and with the start of 2018 only just beginning, new doors designs have been released by Force 8.

The decadence smooth door from Force 8 is revolutionary and is ready to modernise the fabrications industry and your home.  Each of our door designs that are manufactured using the smooth gives you the overall contemporary aluminium look within a composite door. If you are looking to enhance your home and door even further, there is the option of having Force 8’s stainless steel hardware which has a lifetime guarantee and a greater resistance to corrosion.

The smooth finish combines the look of an aluminium door with thermal advantages and benefits that are provided with a composite door which is guaranteed from Force 8 allowing our doors to be able to compete with aluminium doors, giving homeowners wider options of external doors.

Each of these door styles can have the addition of the lever handle or an auto locking hook. To further enhance the security of our doors, every door that is manufactured by Force 8 is fitted with a robust security hinge system that is available in 5 colours as well as having easy adjustments.

Every door that is manufactured by us is available in a range of standard and premium colours. If you don’t see a colour of your choice, you can choose from up to 210 colours.

Dont hesitate to contact Force 8 to disucss their different arched door options.

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