Imola door – recent fitting

Force 8 have recently installed the Imola door for one of our customers. The design is in black with Belgrade glass.

The Decadence door range features advanced grooved designs on the outside of the door which gives a distinctive and individual design. The Imola door is part of Force 8’s exclusive Decadence door, which is available in wood grain finish or smooth finish.

The Surefire lock security system now features on the door. The Latch bolts have been designed to ensure that the door will be in the correct position before the hooks engage into the keeps and should the door bow, this will prevent any side load pressure on the hooks during any normal lock operation. When you shut the door, this will engage the trigger and places all five locking points into the keeps and then when you use the key, the centre deadbolt will be thrown. To release, simply turn the key.

The Imola door is available in 210 RAL colours, 5-year guarantee on Golden Oak/Irish Oak doors and others are available with 10-year guarantee.

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