Industry Leading Door Designer

We’ve recently added our new door designer onto our website, helping our customers to easily see their new door before they receive this for installation.

When you have decided on your final door design, you are then able to upload a photograph of your home, so you can visualise how your new door will look on your home. Pre-existing home photographs are also available, so you can get an idea about how your door will look on different home styles.

Our new door designer gives our customers complete flexibility with how their new composite door, whether this is arched or not, will look.

Force 8 has already received great feedback from their trade and domestic customers due to being designed to easily visualise your new entrance door. We have also adapted the door designer onto a CD, making it easier for any of our trade customers to have access to our door designer when they are travelling to different sites. Trade customers like this feature as it is great way to help customers to designer their new door from their own showroom, either on a laptop or mobile device.

Don’t hesitate to contact Force 8 to discuss our different door options. Click here to look through our door designer.

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