Keeping your home secure – lock, stock and barrel…

Composite door manufacturer Force 8 has introduced an innovative new door locking system – currently available for the same price at its conventional levers for a limited time only

A Specialist in composite doors, Force 8 has established a solid reputation for its focus on quality and security.
Constantly thinking of new ways to improve customers’ security protection, the company has launched an innovative new door-locking system.

Based on technology from its high-specification fire doors, the new durable system has been designed in response to customer feedback and in-depth market research.

Managing director of Force 8, Dennis Sumner, found that the majority of customers preferred the old latch locking system where a door locks on closing; yet sought the security of modern locks.

The new system is therefore a combination of traditional and contemporary methods, where the simple lift of a handle engages the hooks and locks to make a complex process very simple.

“When the door is closed, all the hooks and latches are in place. The door is then re-opened from the outside by simply turning the key – the same way you would with the old latch key system,” explains Dennis.

He adds: “This gives you a smart finish to the outside of the door as there is no handle or lever system on view, just the key barrel. A deadlock system can also be added as a boost for extra security – particularly useful for our elderly customers.”
For added peace of mind, the system features an anti-drill disc directly over the cylinder face, shielding it from obtruders, as well as a number of substantial bolts for extra strength.

“The new system now gives our customers a choice combined with the same high standard of security which people have come to expect,” says Dennis.
“It is essential that we continue to offer our customers an excellent service combined with peace of mind in our products, and we achieve this by continually evolving and developing new products.”

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