What Is A Low Threshold

The threshold is part of the structure of the door which separates the outside form the inside.

There are many reasons why customers would decide to have a low threshold when deciding on their new entrance door. It is an essential for someone who needs wheel chair access, or you have mobility problems. You can also choose this if you prefer not to have a trip hazard.

A typical UPVC threshold for a standard UPVC, composite or French door typically has a step around 70mm. So, with a low threshold, the bottom half of the frame would need to be reduced to create this, making this around 12mm in height.

Force 8 gives the option of a low threshold on all our composite, French and UPVC doors, widening your choice of options when choosing a new door from us.

Don’t hesitate to contact Force 8 to discuss having this option on your composite door.

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