Makeover Your Door with Arched Frames and Side Panels

Force 8, based in Hazel Grove Stockport, lead in the specialism of Upvc profile bending and are the only company in the UK to be able to produce one piece arched frames without the use of welding together pieces of profile.

Our arched frames that we produce here at Force 8, based in Hazel Grove, are one of a kind and you won’t find our highly manufactured products anywhere else. Arched frames can add a unique feature to your home that can create an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. In addition to this, Force 8 is able to produce a range of fully and part arches that are suitable for any entrance.

In the manufacturing process of our arch frames, we use state – of – the – art techniques to form 6500mm profile lengths in one piece without the need for cutting or sanding. This means that no welding or joins are within the arch which offers a structurally safe door. Our creation system is very unique to us and the styles that we produce compliment the arched frames we produce.

We are able to manufacture square frames that are made around the door otherwise known as side panels. These add unique features to your door as well further enhancing the kerb appeal of your home. Our side panels are often used for houses with large openings and these sidelight options will complement your door well. The option of these is available with fully matching decorative glass and size restrictions do apply to traditional and contemporary sidelights and decadence side panels are available in most sizes.

Due to the number of PVC – u profile available to produce our composite doors, size restrictions could apply and the definitive size range will be confirmed dependent on survey. These are available in standard and premium colours as well as a further 210 RAL colours.

Monza Decadence Contemporary door with full length glass in Irish oak and anthracite grey frame
Monza Decadence Contemporary door with full length glass in Irish oak and anthracite grey frame
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