Misted and Foggy Window Repair

The later months of year, predominantly October on wards gives all the sings that summer has ended, and winter is approaching, and this then brings condensation.

External condensation on your windows is caused by the dew point – this is meant by the temperature of which the water vapour concentration forms a dew. Surface condensation is formed on the outer facing of the insulating glazing, if the temperature is lower than the external temperature and the dew point is higher than the glass’s temperature. This is more common in modern windows.

Another way to tell that your windows are misted as there are differences in the placement of objects outside such as trees and buildings.

Force 8, based in Hazel Grove Stockport can repair your misted and foggy double-glazed panels of glass. We can repair all types of glazed window units on any glass design work. There is a 10-year guarantee with all of our windows that have been developed as a low cost option to restore your double glazed windows back to how they should be.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more details regarding repairs to condensation and moisture.

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