No Welds, No Wait, No Hassle, Says Force 8

Sourcing a company to supply you with a matching arched door and frame is not difficult, as the door company will outsource the arched frame to a specialist, who will bend a section of profile and send it back. All this sounds quite simple, but in practice it can create long lead times and a whole host of problems associated with bringing different offsite manufactured elements together. Combine this with colour matching between door and frame and you start to see how easy this process can unravel.

Force 8 says that, as far as it is aware, it is the only company in the UK manufacturing Arched frames and composite doors in the same factory, at the same time, including an in-house paint facility. This can cut leads time by over half as there is no outsourcing, which has items going back and forth before any assembly can even start. Another advantage is the door and frame can be checked throughout the process for a perfect fit, which is impossible if you are outsourcing elements. This is not forgetting the unique one length bending process pioneered by Force 8, giving a weld free arch.

“Our complete arched frame and door package adds up to a distinct advantage for installers and fabricators, why bother with all the hassle and possible problems and delays. Using Force 8 for your arched frames and doors is by far the easiest option,” comments Dennis Sumner, Managing Director.

Backing this up is 30 years of expertise and a state of the art manufacturing facility at their Stockport factory, which has had constant investment over the years.

“If you are an installer or a fabricator, you are welcome to come and visit our factory to see our manufacturing process first hand,” comment Dennis. “We work with a wide variety of companies both large and small.

“It makes good business sense to outsource a specialist process rather than deal with it in-house, but rather than just the door, frame or arch, why not the whole product as it’s quicker and can be more cost-effective. The door and frame will even be routed ready for your hardware, saving time and effort,” comment Dennis.

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