Outdoor living with Force 8 products

Force 8 based in Stockport is a leading manufacturer in arched doors and frames to enhance the appeal of your home as well as adding a uniqueness to your entrance.

The outdoor living market has seen a significant growth this year and Force 8 is able to offer you a wide range of products to ensure that your home has better access to your garden or patio area as well as adding more light into you home.

Force 8 can offer you bi – folding doors with large amounts of glass, ensuring light into your home as well as easy access outside of your home.  These are popular with home owners and builders as they are aesthetically pleasing and convenient.

With our lightweight replacement conservatory roofs, you can have the option of a glass roofs or Velux windows, adding uniqueness to the design as they allow for different ways for light to be used in your home.

Don’t hesitate to contact Force 8 to discuss the different options that have available to you to ensure that your home has more light with an aesthetically pleasing finish. Click here to see our 2018 door collection brochure and see the different options that we have to offer you.

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