Sash windows

The word sash usually refers to a single frame for glazing. A traditional sash window is usually made up of two sashes that slide up and down.

Sash windows traditionally consist of a number of small panes which are held together by glazing bars that creates a larger glazed area. In a sash window, you can find two and sometimes more glass panels. If you are installing these windows into an older property, then installing sash windows will keep your property with the period. If you are choosing sash windows for period properties, you must ensure that you get the right period as the development of these windows has changed over the years. Force 8 is also able to offer you the chance to have you sash windows with an arched frame. This includes several designs regarding the amount of panels in the upper and lower sash as well as Venetian that consist of a sliding window.

So the window opens and closes, the windows are counterbalanced usually with a weight that’s concealed inside the frames. These style of windows are more energy efficient, this is due to the topmost sash being fixed into the windows, allowing it to not be susceptible to leaks.

Sliding sash windows have great aesthetics and works well on most homes and are one of the big trends for 2018.

PVCU material is used for the manufacturing of sash windows. Force 8 offers this material in traditional white or mock effect texture meaning that you are able to match these windows with the rest of your home. Using PVCU material is low maintenance compared to other materials that are used in the manufacturing of windows i.e. timber. Furthering this, PVCU is more energy efficient than other materials as well as being cheaper.

You can guarantee from Force 8 that you will gain peace of mind and amazing quality which ensures that windows from us will be your dream investment. Force 8 offers a 10 year guarantee with all of our windows and we have developed a low cost option to restore your double glazed windows back to their original glory.

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