Shaped Frames

Shaped frames can add a unique feature to your home that can easily impress; with shaped frames being less of a common sight in the UK you could get that unique look to your home that makes it stand out from the rest.

Using state of the art techniques with the latest technology allows us to manufacture profile to be up 6500mm in length. Depending on the style of arch, this allows for welds and steel reinforcements to be used where it’s possible, creating the true radius of the arch.

As this process is completely unique to Force 8, this provides for structurally safe arched frames that is aesthetically pleasing.

Benefits of having a shaped frame:

  • Many Unique Designs
  • Affordable
  • Low Maintenance
  • Let in lots of light

Our PVCU products are available in traditional white or any mock effect texture, so you can match or contrast this to your home.

Whether that is circular, arched or octagonal, Force 8 can cane manufacturer almost all types of frames

Force 8 is always manufacturing new and innovative ideas, making us one of the leading companies in profile bending and composite doors. You can always expect us to be creating products that you won’t see anywhere else on the market. By being able to combine arched elements into our products, Force 8 can add sophistication to the overall aesthetics as well as giving a contemporary feel. We are constantly investing in new ways to manufacturer our products, enabling us produce more complex designs.

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