Shaped Windows and Pivot Windows by Force 8

As Force 8 is always making a statement within the industry for our outstanding products, our shaped windows and pivot windows add a unique focal point to your property. Whether you want a contemporary or traditional design, Force 8 has a variety of shaped windows for you to choose from.

Shaped windows are becoming an uncommon sight in the UK but as Force 8 is one of the few companies that still supplies these products, you can be sure that you are adding individuality to your home.

The benefits of adding a shaped/pivot window to your property are:

  • Adds a unique focal point to your property, making your home stand out.
  • Force 8 has the expertise’s to create specialist frames. We have 30 years’ experience, so a high quality finished product is guaranteed from us.
  • We have a wide selection of windows for you to choose from, whether that’d be contemporary or traditional

These styles of windows are energy efficient with the bonus of double glazing and triple glazing glazed options, minimising heat loss and heating bills, just like a standard window.

Force 8 can with you to create a unique shaped frame for your home, whether that’d be circular, arched or octagonal shapes that are available in a range of finishes.

Don’t hesitate to contact Force 8 to discuss our wide range of shaped frames that we have available.

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