Solid Roofs and Glass Roofs

Natural light is an aspect of the home that people want to be able to have throughout their home since they can often be dark and gloomy spaces, so homeowners are constantly looking for ways to bring the light into their homes.

New builds normally have smaller windows and the layout of older homes often make it difficult to bring more light through windows, making unnatural light a popular way of bringing light into your home.

Homeowners want to be to achieve the sense of having more light through a minimalistic design which will allow maximum light.

With Force 8’s large range of product portfolio, we are able to offer your solid roofs and glass roofs for your conservatory.

Solid roofs and Glass roofs are compatible for all type of conservatories – whether that’ll be a p shaped design or a small lean to, Force 8 can design any roof to meet your conservatories needs

Solid conservatory roof benefits:

  • Prevents the suns heat from entering your conservatory whilst letting light in
  • Easy to install
  • Fully insulated

If you have a solid roof installed by Force 8 you will have the opportunity to add Velux windows as another way of letting in natural light. We are also able to spotlights for that added luxury and can be perfect for those darker evenings.

Glass roofs are a revolutionary feature for your conservatory with a dual action and self-clean coating which is standard for the product. This feature is activated by sunlight as well as rain and lasts the entire lifetime of your glass.

Force 8’s new glazing technology allows the glass roofs to be more thermally efficient.  Glass roofs are manufactured in such a way that they bring in large amounts of light but without any glares and reflection.

Don’t hesitate to contact Force 8 to discuss how we can transform your conservatory.

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