Stainless steel making a difference to our composite doors

Stainless steel hardware that can be fitted onto our doors can ensure that you gain a modern enhancement to your home and your door.

Winter is normally the time of year when hardware products that are painted with zinc or aluminium based painted products will corrode which is a result of the salts that are in the paints and the product especially if the surface coating becomes damaged. Due to the UK weather and the problem of the weather getting worse, the cold and damp winter is increasing the chances of hardware getting damaged.

Of all types of hardware that you can get for your home, there is a very simple solution and that is stainless steel. Stainless steel is a great alternative to other types of hardware because it doesn’t corrode nor does it fails and this proves to be a popular choice with our customers and works increasing well with our smooth finish.

Force 8’s stainless steel door furniture range consists of handles, numbers, knockers, letterhead, extra-long thumb turns and pull handles and these products come with a lifetime guarantee.

Each piece has been designed to suite all of our doors whether that would be from the traditional, contemporary or decadence door range. Furthermore, each of these pieces of hardware is available in 5 colours so this will give you more range to choose from so they suit every installation.

If you want to minimise call-backs on failing hardware then choosing stainless steel hardware from Force 8 is the best option for you. Not only do you gain all the benefits of an anti-corrosion product you also gain revolutionary and modern look for your composite door.

Don’t hesitate to contact us here at Force 8 if you interested in installing a composite door with our stainless steel hardware.

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