Surefire locking system

Hazel Grove based Force 8 has been a leading manufacturer of composite doors and windows for over 25 years in the Stockport and Cheshire area and we are known nationwide for our amazing products and deliveries.

The Surefire locking system from ERA now features on the decadence door range.The Latch bolts have been designed to ensure that the door will be in the correct position before the hooks engage into the keeps and should the door bow, this will prevent any side load pressure on the hooks during any normal lock operation. When you shut the door, this will engage the trigger and places all five locking points into the keeps and then when you use the key, the centre deadbolt will be thrown. To release, simply turn the key.

The lock provides for 3 compression points along the door. The 3 hooks prevent the keep from catching, preventing the door from bowing.

This locking system features high security hooks which have anti drill and anti-saw protection. It also features a high-quality latch design ensuring that it can’t misalign when being fitted onto the door.

One of the main priorities that we have in the manufacturing process of our windows and doors is to ensure that they have the highest quality of security, so you know that your home will be secure and aesthetically pleasing. When homeowners are choosing a new entrance door for their home, security is always one of their main priorities to consider.

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