The Long And The Short Of It

Force 8 has recently exhibited its capacity for innovation by delivering an array of distinctive-sized composite doors to a local housing authority, which are considerably smaller in size. These unique doors serve a crucial function as service access points within flats and apartments. The hallmark of Force 8’s capability lies in its comprehensive manufacturing facility, augmented by a complete paint facility, which enables the company to fulfil orders of varying dimensions according to precise specifications.

Crafted from standard door slabs, the composite doors have been meticulously engineered to incorporate the standard security features and locking mechanisms inherent in conventional composite doors. This fusion of unconventional sizing and top-tier security underscores Force 8’s commitment to marrying practicality with security.

Over time, Force 8 has carved a niche for itself by specializing in the supply of unusual doors and frames. This individuality has propelled the company into an emerging market, with a growing demand for solutions that diverge from the ordinary. Lisa Mottershead, the Operations Director at Force 8, highlights the scarcity of competitors willing to delve into projects that deviate from their established processes. “Most door manufacturers prioritize the mass production of standardized composite doors, inadvertently leaving a void in the market for bespoke one-off projects. This is particularly evident with our arched and part arched doors, the fact that we manufacture the frames as well gives Force 8 a competitive advantage”.

Force 8’s proficiency in delivering these distinctive composite doors not only demonstrates its technical prowess but also its adaptability to diverse customer requirements. The success of this recent undertaking stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to addressing unmet needs within the realm of door solutions. As the industry leans towards tailored and unique products, Force 8’s strategic focus on such ventures positions it as a pioneering player in the market, catering to the evolving demands of both housing authorities and individual customers alike.

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