Toadstools By Force 8

This is the second Toadstool frame and door Force 8 have fabricated and installed in Sale, Greater Manchester. The first client had three companies attempting to manufacture this unusual frame, two said it could not be done on viewing it, and one gave up at the survey stage.   The second client approached Force 8 after recommendation from the previous customer. The project was a slightly different design from the first, with French PVC doors rather than a single composite door.

“In reality, there is no such thing as a standard arched frame, and the Toadstool designs are the perfect demonstration of this ”, comments Dennis Sumner, Managing Director at Force 8. “We would be interested to see if there are any more houses around the country with a similar design, or a more unusual entrance”.

The Force 8 arched frames are available in a VEKA Halo or a System 10 profile with a fully reinforced one-piece sash bend. Using this process allows for arched profiles to be produced up to 6500mm in length, which will ensure a stylish unblemished finish. Other companies bend their profile in sections and then weld them together to create the arch, which is not structurally as strong as a single length of profile.

“Installation companies are missing out on a small but lucrative area of the market, for the simple reason it looks too difficult or their present fabricator does not have the resources to manufacture these unusual frames”, continues Dennis. “If your present fabricator is not equipped for arched or special shapes, we would welcome any design challenges from installers, not forgetting that we can also supply arched, or part arched composite doors to complete the project”.

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