Trade Guarantee

Every Composite door comes with a 10 years manufacturers performance guarantee.

All door colours are guaranteed for 10 years (Golden Oak, Rosewood and Irish Oak for 5 years). In the unlikely event that there is a defect with the product (as opposed to the installation) then you have the peace of mind of knowing that we’ll either repair the door or replace it with a similar design.

Glass carries a 10-year guarantee, Door cassettes carry a 5-year guarantee, Multi point locking mechanisms carry a 5-year guarantee. All hardware carries a 2-year guarantee, whilst ‘Blu’ hardware carries a lifetime guarantee.

Although we guarantee the doors for 10 years Force 8 will not be responsible for any colour variation due to the environment or ageing of the door.

Please note that in no event will Force 8 be responsible for the shipping, labour, finishing expenses, removal of the original product, installations of product, expenses or other charges – this is the responsibility of the installer who provided the original installation of the door.

Our Warranty Policy

The warranty states that all our doors should be free from faulty material that would render the door unfit for use, subject to the terms and conditions. It doesn’t cover any fault or damage caused by misuse by the customer or by the installer if the door is not fitted in strict compliance with Force 8’s instructions and recommendations. The warranty will also be deemed invalid if any of the original Force 8 components are replaced.

This warranty applies to the original purchaser of the doors, and is applicable only to doors installed in owner occupied homes and is not transferable. The warranty period begins on the date of delivery by Force 8.

Making a Claim

In the unlikely event of your Force 8 Door becoming defective, then there is a set procedure for making a claim, which is detailed below:

  1. Put your claim in writing or by Email to
  2. Clearly state the nature of the fault attaching supporting photographic evidence and measurements which may be required.
  3. Provide a Force 8 Order Reference or Customer purchase order reference.
  4. State the date of delivery of the product.


The Force 8 Guarantee/Warranty does not cover fault or damage caused during shipment or transportation; while being installed or passed to a third party, finished or improperly glazed; cleaned or undergoing maintenance; intentional damage, misuse, abuse or fire; lack of normal maintenance of the product; or products used outside the UK or Eire.


  • When the door is in a closed position the handle should be lifted engaging the locking system. (Excludes Auto lock systems)
  • Door Frames should be washed with warm soapy water, however stubborn stains can be removed using specialist PVC-u cleaners and by following manufacturers guidelines.
  • The door slab should only be cleaned using warm water or non-aggressive composite door wipes. No solvent- based product or abrasives should be used as these will damage the surface skin.
  • External glass should be cleaned with warm soapy water and cleaned with a proprietary glass cleaner.
  • Hardware can be cleaned with a mild detergent and wiped clean. No harsh chemicals or abrasives should be used.
  • Hinges should be lubricated with engineering oil. Cylinders can be lubricated with Teflon-based products only as other oils may cause degradation.

Complaints Procedure

All complaints must be put in writing and either emailed to or posted to Force 8, School Street Trading Estate, Stockport, SK7 4RA. Complaints will be replied to within 14 days of receipt.

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