Two Tone Geneva Decadence Door

For 30 years, Manchester based Force 8 has been a leading company in the manufacturing of windows and doors in the Stockport and Cheshire area with their extensive range of products are even known nationwide.

Force 8 are always designing and manufacturing new innovative door designs ensuring that all customers will be assured that there from Force 8 will be truly unique which can be seen their 2018 door collection brochure. Each door has been developed to the highest quality and with a high level of craftsmanship and expertise; Force 8 is capable of manufacturing and designing almost any door idea that you may have.

Our new design is the two-tone Geneva Decadence door. The colours that feature on this design are: anthracite grey and agate grey. Using anthracite grey on this allows for an enhancement of the smooth finish as well as working well with their stainless-steel hardware.  This design also features Force 8’s smooth finish which gives the look of an aluminium door with the thermal benefits of a composite door. Enhancing this design is also an offset etched design, making the design even more aesthetically pleasing finish. Alongside this is the use of their stainless-steel hardware which has been placed in a different manner that is usually expressed on standard doors.

Force 8’s highly advanced design is very much suitable for larger homes and can ensure that sophistication will be added to your entrance and will boost the kerb appeal of any home that has had this door design fitted.  Rarely does Force 8 manufacture a door that has two colour tones on one door slab, due to this being a style of product that Force 8 scarcely complete, it provides for a great opportunity to develop on their design and production craftsmanship.

Don’t hesitate to contact them on 0161 483 1997 or visit one of their showrooms for further details.

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